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Kursus excel super lengkap dari Dasar sampai Profesional

23 Lessons
5.5 hours
All Levels

Microsoft Office Excel adalah sebuah program aplikasi lembar kerja spreadsheet …

What you'll learn
Pengantar Excel, grafik dan chart, rumus operasi matematika, rumus statistic sederhana, fungsi logika
vlookup dan hlookup, filter dan pivot tabel
Fungsi string, Management keuangan, Management database
Rekapitulasi data, aplikasi pivot, makro dan print cetak

Introduction to Corporate Finance

15.8 hours
All Levels

The Entrepreneur’s Guide for beginners and is a course created …

What you'll learn
Have a solid foundation in developing an integrated framework for strategic financial decision-making.
Have a thorough understanding of financial statements and the financial information they provide, and be able to critically evaluate and analyze cash flows statements.
Understand the management and evaluation of portfolios and firm valuation techniques.
Understand how to incorporate risk and uncertainty into investment decisions and understand how companies make financing and investment decisions.